Faeries, commonly known as the Fair Folk or the Fae, are an extremely cunning race of Downworlders, associated strongly with beauty and malevolence behavior. The Fair Folk are said to be the children of demons and angels, though there is strong speculation because of the nature from their parent species and the lack of proof.

Appearance Edit

Faeries are known for a great many things, but one of the most common notes to be made is their beauty. Their skin is fair and can appear in a number of different pastel hues: blues, greens, and violets, even pearl to name the few. They have been described as delicate and extremely attractive with eyes as clear as glass. Similar to their cousin race, Warlock, the Fae have demonic features. This is how they receive their hued skin, but they can also grow wings, wails, scales, and an endless number of other demonic features.

Behavior Edit

As mentioned above, the Fae are an extremely cunning race of Downworlder. They're quite known to play pranks on Mundanes and Shadowhunter. Here is a reading from the Shadowhunter Codex: Do not sign any contracts or agree to any bargains with faeries. Faeries love to haggle but will usually do so only if they are sure they will win. Do not eat or drink anything a faerie gives you. Do not go attend their magical revels under the hills. They will paint a beautiful picture of what awaits you there, but its beauty is false and hollow. Do not tease a faerie about their height. Do not expect direct answers to direct questions. Do expect indirect answers to indirect questions.

Creation Edit

It's speculated that the Fae are a hybrid race of Angel and Demon, though there is no proof.

Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Faeries, like vampires and werewolves, possess the unnatural abilities of swiftness and grace. Some are even given wings, which may be due to their angel blood. The wings between faeries and angels vary as well, with angels having larger, pristine bird like wings, while faeries commonly have butterfly wings the color of kaleidoscopes.

The magic of the fey is believed to be unique in the world. It is very old and powerful, but neither demonically nor seraphically aligned. They can harness the powers of the ley lines, along with other strange magics. The Faeries are older than the Accords, older than the Nephilim, and are said to even be the oldest among all races of Downworlders. They possess their own magic that the Gray Book can only partly and imperfectly protect against, at best; however, there does exist Nephilim Marks that protect Shadowhunters from faerie glamours for this very reason.[6]