Bernald is one of the most infamous demons in all of the Shadow Realm’s history, legendary for both his savage villainy and his great heroism. Born Bernael as an angel in God’s army, he was swayed to Lucifer’s side where he committed several heinous acts during Lucifer's war on God. He was dubbed the name of Scourge of Heaven for successfully leading many assaults in the Kingdom of Heaven. After his banishment from Heaven, he was given the title The Fallen Angel of Evil and Darkness, and was held on a pedestal equal to even Lucifer for a time.

His expulsion from Heaven seized his angelic power, however Lucifer granted him the capabilities of a greater demon, and he once more continued being an agent of chaos on Earth. In 1329, Bernael was cursed by the members of The Circle of the Black Throns for killing one of their members. They gave him, a human soul, the key component that separates demons and downworlders, forcing him to live eternally in guilt over the countless atrocities he has committed.

Since his accession, Bernald has fought bits of depression over the reoccurring memories of the crimes he had committed. Very recently has he committed himself to fighting for God once more, on a mission to atone himself for his sins and become an angel once more in God's army.